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A Gallery of Our Unique Collection

Our museum has 17 unique aircraft on display. View a brief description and history by clicking on the arrow attached to each photo.


  • Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
  • A-4 History


(On loan from National Museum of Naval Aviation)

  • North American T-2 Buckeye
  • T-2 History


  • IAM 2021_C45
  • C45 History


(On loan from National Museum of Naval Aviation)

  • T-33 Jet
  • T-33 History


  • Pitts S-1S at Illinois Aviation Museum
  • Pitts S-1S owned by Ray Luttrell who modified it

T33 – Stubby

  • T33 – Stubby
  • Stubby History


  • Fokker E.111
  • Fokker E.111 History

Nieuport 11 (REPLICA)

(On loan from Dan Christine)

  • Aircraft on Display at IAM
  • Aviation History The Lafayette Escadrille World War 1

Nieuport 12 (REPLICA)

  • Nieuport 12
  • Nieuport 12 History

Jungster II

  • Jungster
  • Jungster History

UH-1C “Huey” gunship

  • Huey on display
  • Huey History

Pacific D-8 Glider

  • IAM glider
  • Pacific D-8 Glider History

Fokker DR-1 (REPLICA)

  • Fokker DR-1 is red, with a wood propeller
  • Fokker DR-1 history during World War 1


  • Quicksilver -- cloth wings and a tiny motor is the way to fly!
  • Quicksilver History

Ground Bound

  • GROUND BOUND is our version of a 1917 Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny”
  • Ground Bound History


  • Helo-Wagon
  • Bell 222 for ground bound rides

Link Trainer

  • Link Trainer
  • Link Simulators